Through the Databases Manager integrated into the Online Control Panel, it will be easier to set–up completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases right away! At the same time, you’ve got immediate access to the administrator area software tools (phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, respectively), which means you can efficiently edit the database you want.

A Simple to operate Interface

The best database managing interface

Database management might sound like a difficult task to inexperienced website hosting clients, but with SAN FRANCISCO SERVER’s Databases Manager, it’s in fact reasonably easy! To set up a whole new database, you simply have to type in your username and password. Database backups are just a click away as well.Those who would like to examine their databases and also alter them may use the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools.

Hepsia File Manager

Fast Database Backup

Back up your databases in just a minute

We have transformed the manual database backup generation into a quite easy job. To do so: inside of the Databases Manager, click on the ’clock’ icon next to the database that you plan to back up and then wait for a few seconds for the process to take place. Depending upon the size of your database, the building of the backup file can take between a couple of seconds and a minute.

You may make as many backups of a database as you want. We have not determined any restrictions on the number of databases you could back up as well.

Hepsia File Manager