Even though working with emails is a straightforward process, managing the mailboxes for a web site can sometimes be a cumbersome process. If you don’t possess a user–friendly user interface, such as SAN FRANCISCO SERVER’s E Mail Manager to guide you to do the job. It has a considerable amount of inbuilt practical software tools that will assist you complete complex jobs in just a few clicks of your computer mouse. Have a look at everything that the E Mail Manager can do for YOU!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam will be driven out of your respective mailboxes

We’ve created a custom anti–spam tool that utilizes expertly designed formulas to filter out the arriving messages. Depending on what sort of spam messages you receive, you’ll be able to regulate the levels of defense. However, be careful using the top level of defense, as it is likely to filter out valuable messages. Additionally, you can define a special level of spam protection for every single mailbox you have got.

All junk e–mail messages can be either removed or forwarded to a specific mailbox. You’re able to decide which action you want within the anti–spam protection tool’s interface.

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Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of email messages

When using the Email forwarding tool, it is easy to direct the messages addressed at a mailbox to an alternative mailbox of your liking (also hosted within the same hosting account or somewhere else on the world wide web).

To forward an email address, just select it through the drop–down menu after which define the e–mail account that you would like all forwarded messages to get delivered to. After that, you are provided with the opportunity to pick if you’d like a duplicate of every message to be kept in the mailbox you forward or not.

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Email Filters

Organize your mail accounts without hassles

If you receive a large number of e–mails everyday, it’s essential to have them sorted. That is why we provide server–side electronic mail filters which come into action even before you look at the mailbox for new email messages. Therefore, in the event you set up your custom–made spam filters, you won’t discover spam within your mailbox!

Configuring brand new e–mail filters is really simple and easy. You will need to define what the filter has to search for, where the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) as well as what transpires with the filtered emails.

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